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The journey to opening The Ride Academy has taken some time… About 30 years start to finish!

But more recently, from coming up with The Ride Academy concept, we have spent weeks and months developing our brand, building our lesson plans, and making sure our high vis jackets match our logo… very important stuff!

We’re proud to have built our HQ, The Ride Academy Cabin, ourselves. This has meant we can create a space which works exactly how we need it to, making your lessons relaxed, positive and comfortable.

We’ve clad our office in fresh wood, with our new branding painted by hand onto the sides to make sure we’re as noticeable as possible from the road… of course so you can spot us. If it’s great marketing too, then so be it.

In the photos, Dave, The Ride Academy Founder, hand painted some of the logos himself, always developing new skills!

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